Events That Shaped History

Check out the full list here

Which one do you find the most interesting?

Personally, Snowball Earth kinda blows my mind. I mean sure I have a relative understanding of climates but come on, a complete freeze over? Wild to think that could even be possible all while the Earth is remaining the same distance away from the sun.

Also, The Great Dying. Could you imagine how different life would be today if some of these mass extinctions never occurred? “We” would have likely evolved completely differently, seeing we would’ve faced much different challenges through those evolutionary periods. In fact, whose to say another species, say, reptiles could not evolve to be superiorly intelligent given the right conditions? Gets your gears turning right?

These mass extinctions, for one reason or another, make me think about the burning and destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria by that dick Caesar Augustus in 47 B.C. (or so historians think). Imagine the amounts of knowledge, stored in the greatest library of the ancient world, gone in a historical blink of an eye. Good thing we have the Cloud now I guess.

Im curious, let me know which turning points you find the most interesting and why below!

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